Protees Project help you jumpstart a t-shirt fund raising campaign for your organizations, projects and events w/ NO UPFRONT COST! No capital needed. No registration fees. No down payment. We can start selling t-shirts WITHOUT SPENDING ANY PESO.

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How it Works

Fill-up the form. Tell us about your campaign, submit your t-shirt design, set a target quantity, target date, and how much do you need.

Share the campaign page to your supporters. Post it online to reach your supporters. Let them pre-order your shirts.

At the end of the campaign, We will deliver the t-shirts to your supporters and you will receive the profit from each shirt sold!

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Protees is ideal for

REACH YOUR ALUMNI and raise funds for your school organization projects.

Find a KIND HEART that will help your charitable projects and spread the KIND HEART.

Unite the people and SAVE THE EARTH by spreading awareness to care for our nature.

Promote a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE for everyone.

If you find your Passion, you're UNSTOPPABLE. Follow your passion and everyone will follow.

Protees is for everyone!

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