Protees Reseller Program

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How to Resell

1. Login to and enter your credentials.

2. Once logged in, go to Marketing Tools Tab

3. From the page, go to any collection/product you want to resell and copy the url and paste in on the input box. (DO NOT USE the the url with the word "search" (e.g. as we want the user to be redirected properly)

e.g. July Collection or Product

Collection Link:

Product Link:

4. On the generated link section, this is where you can get the link you need when you want to resell. Just copy the link then you can share it through various channels like facebook, twitter, pinterest, and whatsapp.

Click the button below to register as a Reseller

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much will I earn?

- You can ear up 100 pesos for every order that is affiliated with your referral code.

How does it work?

- Once you've successfully signed up, you will be provided a referral link which you can provide to potential customers. Each item will correspond to a specific commission fee which you can get at the end of the month for every item that is successfully delivered. Click here to know more on how to resell.

How will I get paid?

- Commission fees are paid on a monthly basis for every transaction that is successfully delivered to the customer (RTS & Unpursued Orders will not be considered as successfully delivered and will be then tagged as failed). Reseller commission payment threshold is PHP1000. Once you meet the requirement, commission will be paid out. Cut-off for the pay out is every 25th of the month. If reseller fails to reach 1000 pesos worth of sales during the cutoff, it will then be carried over the next cutoff until reseller successfully reaches the payment threshold. Payment will be released thru Gcash or Palawan Express. For Palawan Express charges, it should then be shouldered by the reseller.

How are orders tracked and credited to me?

- Once you sign up, you will be provided a referral link which you can provide to potential customers. Every successful purchase under your referral code will be posted on our resellers dashboard.

Can I take orders on my website?

- No, we will take care of the product availability tracking, updating, and customer service and fulfillment so you could focus on reselling. But posting on social media platform is allowed.

Do you have an online reporting?

- Yes, once you're approved for the reseller program, you will receive a link for your personal dashboard in which you can filter the range of date, order count and commission amount.

Can I earn commissions on my own purchase?

- Yes, every successfully delivered transactions under your referral code will be subject to commission ever if you order it on your own.

Can I use the designs on the items for personal use?

- No, you are only given limited rights to our intellectual property. You can only use it for social media posts that are related to Protees. If the management finds out that our properties are being used for non-Protees related materials by a reseller, he/she will then be held liable and may result to serious sanctions.

What about product returns?

- If a customer returns / rejects / refunds a product, the commission will not be credited to you. But if the reason for the return is a result of damage from manufacturing / courier mishandling, the commission from the first order will still be credited to you. If transactions/orders from the reseller's referral code amounts to 30% RTS rate, reseller will then be removed from the program.

Privacy Policy

- To view our privacy policy. click here.

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